We offer a full range of services for the motor repair industry


Assessing services we offer

  • Our assessing service leverages our existing technologies to deliver superior customer service
  • We have a national footprint of assessment centres
  • Part sourcing included at no additional cost
  • Data and benchmarking gives performance certainty
  • Transparency is a key driver of our value proposition


Optimisation services we offer

  • We track a claim from the moment it is notified
  • Arrange:Assessment, Book-in, Reconcile final costing, Ensure compliance, Manage payment and reconciliations
  • One paymaster achieves efficiency and a significant BEE opportunity via our level II rating and majority Black ownership including black owned shops.
  • Provide detailed data, normalised benchmarking and management information
  • Managed by SLA

Network Management

Network Management services we offer

  • Provide access to a national network through a single relationship managed by SLA
  • We follow the claim from start to conclusion, including payment and compliance
  • Align interests & shift MBR focus from revenue to profit: By directing spend insurers benefit from the efficiencies created within the MBR’s, Incentivise right behaviour through distribution volumes
  • Seamless sourcing of alternative parts
  • Reduce ancillary costs through improved efficiency and cycle times
  • Ensure superior quality

More info on network management services

  • Develop BBBEE component within the network
  • We manage our networks to one SLA and add value around customer feedback, car hire and reporting
  • One paymaster – efficient administration mechanism with a Level II BBBEE rating(new codes)
  • We provide claims data on parts/labour/paint/make/model / useful underwriting info
  • We build long-term sustainable benefits through upskilling our networks, leveraging procurement and increasing repair ratios
  • RS has been the pioneer in building and managing networks on an independent basis
    • CRC
    • STAR
  • STAR creates the platform to build and develop black owned repairers through the support of RS